A Fresh Start for 2018

Hello friends! I cannot believe that we have reached 2018. This past year has been pretty spectacular, with plenty of unexpected trials to go with the always-welcome triumphs.

Here is a short summary of my year:

January 2017: Moved into my first apartment! This was an incredible opportunity for me to finally make my own happiness a priority, and was one of the healthiest decisions I made in college.

July 2017: Got MARRIED! 😍 Went to PARIS on my honeymoon. 😍 It was a pretty great month.

August 2017: Started this little blog! You can find that first post here.

September 2017: Found out that my brother’s battle with cancer wasn’t over. You can read about that here.

December 2017: Wrapped up a few stressful weeks of school and visited family near and far for Christmas. I also finished my last semester of college classes! All that’s left is student teaching. 😊

God has done incredible things in my life and in my heart this year. Something I’m especially excited to share with you is the gift of creativity He’s given me in allowing me to create the 2018 Theme Verse Workbook. I’ve been challenged as I’ve reviewed 2017 that my life needs some changes as 2018 rolls around, and I created this workbook as a resource for you and me both.

A fresh start for 2018. Plus EXCLUSIVE access to a theme verse workbook that will set your 2018 up right!

I’ll give you a little sneak peek to convince you that it is so worth the read! It’s a short devotional (less than 10 pages!) with space for reflection on 2017. A HUGE THANK YOU to the best mom ever who spent hours of her time helping me edit! 😊 I’m hoping to convince her to do more of her own writing soon, so you might see more incredible work from my mom on the blog in the near future. 😄

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

“This worksheet was designed with you in mind. It is my hope that your reflections throughout this workbook will provide you an avenue to live with God at the center. Here’s what you can expect.

  • A FRESH START: I know you can’t just let go of everything because you read through a workbook, but this section will give you an opportunity to release some burdens and begin 2018 with a least a new perspective. It is never too late to start afresh (even if you’re starting this workbook in March or September 😉). Every section will include space for you to journal, which can be an incredibly beneficial practice in your walk with God. I want you to try to let a few things go from 2017, and begin 2018 with a new perspective on how God can change your life.
  • A NEW BEGINNING: The goal as Christians is ultimately to live like Christ, and this section focuses on how to shape our lives to look like His. Instead of setting goals that are materially-minded, I want to challenge each of us to have a Kingdom perspective, focused on how God intends our lives to be lived. Others will notice when we let His light shine through our actions, so the goal is to let our lives reflect His glory to the world.
  • A DELIBERATE FOCUS: Finally, I’ll walk you through the process of finding a “theme verse” for the new year. I believe that only Jesus can sustain us, so I’ve provided several example verses and spaces for you to respond as one or more speaks to your heart. Choosing a theme verse gives you an image or phrase to cling to as you walk through the ups and downs this year is bound to bring. Keeping a specific verse in mind can give you guidance as you go.”


My Own Reflections and Theme Verse for 2018

After writing and researching for hours, I also reflected on my own life and need for changes in my pattern of living. As I’ve mentioned before, I find that I often struggle with patience. I knew I wanted my theme verse to touch on the idea of growing in patience. I’ve also recognized that my mental energy wells get drained pretty easily, so I think I need to start digging deeper. With these thoughts in mind, I think I’ve found a verse that aligns with the direction I want my life to go this year.

1 Peter 4_8

I think this is so beautiful. It’s simple. It’s direct. It’s exactly what I need to hear (and keep hearing!).

“Love each other deeply.”

This is the phrase I will cling to.

I’m not loving deeply if I’m not being patient with my husband. I’m not loving deeply if I don’t listen patiently while someone speaks. I’m not loving God deeply if I’m not patiently trusting His timing.

And I can’t love deeply if I don’t look to Him to fill my wells.

“Above all”

This means I need to put love first. And I think that will change my perspective more than anything else.

I’m committing to putting love first. To noticing opportunities to love. To seizing them gladly.

What will 2018 bring you? What could scripture reveal to your heart about 2018’s direction for your life? What could you discover if you take the time to reflect and find your own theme verse?

It’s never to late to start fresh. Take the challenge.



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Author: Susannah Judd

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